The rules for the sauna.

The following simple rules for use must ensure that all users have a good experience and that we collectively look after our sauna so that many people want to use it.

In general:
* We greet each other, we care for each other and we ask each other for advice.
* We are inclusive when we talk in the sauna.
* We bath and stay at our own risk.

* Jump in the water – or take a shower from home – before using the sauna.
* The first to meet fetches sea water for the foot bath, which is placed in front of the door together with the mat.
* Avoid footwear in the anteroom an the sauna.
* Use a towel to sit on and a towel for the feet for reasons of general hygiene and the appearance of the benches.
* Take swimwear or a towel around you – for the sake of the others in the sauna.
* Do not leave your towel in the sauna when you bathe – we share the places.
* Water bottles are welcome in the sauna – but do not take juices, glasses, alcohol and food into the sauna.
* Only experienced gus masters leave fresh water (not sea water) on the oven stones for special events.
* Do not use fragrances during the regular opening hours – many people cannot tolerate them.
* If you are the last user of the day, please empty the foot bath and hang it on a hook in the front room together with the mat.

Enjoy your sauna visit!

Management Board